Divine 9 with Carragel, Shown to be a Potent Inhibitor of HPV in Laboratory Tests Conducted by the National Cancer Institute, is Now Undergoing Large-scale Human Clinical Trials at McGill University

Executive Summary
The HPV prevention capabilities of Divine 9 personal lubricant are now being studied in a large-scale human clinical trial conducted by McGill University. Divine 9 was selected for this study based on positive results from two separate, independent laboratory studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute. In the NCI tests, Divine 9 personal lubricants were shown to be highly effective in blocking infection from strains of human papilloma virus (HPV) that can cause genital warts and vaginal, cervical and anal cancers. However, the NCI tests were laboratory and mice studies. The McGill study is essential to determine if the microbicide properties of Divine 9 are effective in humans.

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