Take Yourself (And Him Too) To New Erotic Heights

Women are looking for sensual, warm, tantalizing intimate experiences with our partner.  No doubt that we want those incredible, mind-blowing experiences we read about in steamy romance novels.  But, it’s just important to feel comfortable with all sexual situations.

Many of the intimate products on the market today give us the feeling of either a clinical setting or of a XXX movie.  Either way, the products don’t quite set the mood that most women find appealing.  Divine 9 sex lube products were designed to enhance loving relationships, so there should be no hesitation or embarrassment in using them with your partner.  Being both a sexual lubricant and a massage oil replacement, we strive to bring you the best of both nature and science.   Now on top of that, Divine 9 sexual lubricants have been shown by the National Cancer Institute to block HPV infections in two separate laboratory studies.  The possibility of cervical cancer prevention in a sex lube.  That’s what we call The Ultimate in Pleasure & Protection(R).  In other words, we’ve done the homework on our formulations so you can just have fun using them.

Making the Most of Massage

Massage feels great with Divine 9 and the normal sensations are heightened because of the ease in which your fingers glide across your skin. If you’d like to plan a special night of seduction, or if you just want to spice up your sex life, make sure you incorporate some pleasure just for him using a Divine 9 sex lube. Not that you won’t enjoy in the giving of it.

Try Divine 9 personal lubricants for a soothing, sensual massage that is far less messy and more interesting than using a massage oil, starting from his chest, across the stomach, and down to his thighs. Not to worry, unlike massage oils that stay greasy or stain the sheets, Divine 9 personal lubricants dry leaving almost no residue, so he won’t be sticky when you’re done with him. Also, try putting pressure or massaging the area of the lower stomach and inner thighs to increase the sensations. Communication is key to great relations. Ask your partner what he likes, what feels the most intense. Make sure you incorporate that into your actions.

Getting Close and Personal

Our bodies don’t always do what they need to do when it comes to vaginal wetness.   Rather than tolerating the irritation or, worse, missing out on an intimate situation, reach for Divine 9 sex lubes.  Water-based and formulated with plant extracts,  Divine 9 personal lubricants have a sensual feel and are safe inside the body.   Divine 9 also contains no sugars or glycerins which can lead to yeast infections.


Can It Get Any Better? Try It with Divine Sex Lubes and Expand Your World

Guy to guy time.   Let’s face some realities that we all experience.  You want her to have an incredible time.  You’ll have more fun when she does.  You want to try some new stuff.  Really new stuff.  You’ve got it all planned.  The toy carefully stashed within quick reach under the pillow. The mood just right. And when it comes right down to the time of surprise — the “what’s this, I don’t think so, that’s too weird, I’m not using that” ultimate mood killer.

We’ve all been there.  And while we can’t give you too much help with introducing toys like that 7 speed, 240V Eroti-cator with Optional Paint Can Shaker Attachment you picked out of the back of the hottie magazine,  we can help you make some big magic out of a little bottle of Divine 9 sex lube.

Security in the Science

Any discussion about making your woman comfortable with Divine 9 should start with keeping her safe.   Divine 9’s potential ability to block human papilloma virus (HPV) is a tremendous breakthrough.  The possibility of blocking HPV infections is important to you both.  Add to this fact that Divine 9 sex lubes gets rave reviews for how well it works on the body, you have the absolute best of both worlds.

Dryness = Disaster?  DIVINE’s the Answer

A woman’s ability to wet herself is a bit of a medical mystery.  Many men and women often have the misinformed impression that wetness = arousal much like an erection does.  But just like an erection can fail us sometimes, the ability for a woman to create vaginal wetness is totally uncontrollable.  Lack of wetness has absolutely nothing to do with how interested she is in you.    The parallelism to erection problems is actually quite accurate.  Some (many) men have occasional performance problems with erections with no underlying physical problems.  Prescription drugs of various types can create a problem.  And of course a number of unfortunate men have a physiological problem which prevents erections almost entirely.   Exactly the same story with vaginal wetness.  Occasional performance problems, drug interactions and underlying physical issues can all exist.  In fact, in many post-menopausal women, vaginal wetness is greatly decreased.

Divine 9 sex lubes are the answer.   The Carragel in Divine 9lubricants is recognized as safe for human use by the FDA..  Divine 9 in particular was specifically formulated to act like a woman’s natural wetness — but better.  It has more slip than a woman’s fluids and can create a better experience even for women who don’t experience dryness.  And for the marathon-capable man, a women’s wetness will very often diminish over time and bring an unnecessary end to the fun.  Stock up on Divine 9 sex lubes and stop worrying.  She can trust Divine 9 and she’ll thank you for it.

Getting More from Massage

Massage is one of the most common forms of intimacy and yet very seldom does the topic of a massage lotion get discussed by the partners.   Oil, butter, WD-40, whatever’s handy will work right?  Wrong.   Add Divine 9 next time.  Take a generous amount in your hands and begin to gently massage any part of her body — the hands and feet are a nice warm up.   The slippery properties of Divine personal lubricants will eliminate skin irritation and allow you to work those tired and tense muscles underneath.   And when you’re done, Divine leaves no stickiness or annoying residue as it evaporates so there’s no need to stop and clean up before you move on to other interesting things.

“Take a Viagra AND a Bottle of Divine and You Won’t Call Me in the Morning.”

Thanks to our friendly family doctor, Viagra has the ability to turn any of us into Superman.  Just be sure to remind your Man of Steel that she is likely to be done due to irritation long before he turns back to Clark Kent.  The magic blue triangle and a bottle of Divine 9 sex lube.  Now you have the ingredients for a completely satisfying night.  It would be doctor prescribed if it wasn’t so easy to purchase right here on the web site.

For those who are using Viagra for the pleasure of post-menopausal women, keep in mind that your drug induced youthfulness doesn’t automatically translate into the same for her.  Vaginal wetness can be a real problem.  Bring a trusted name like Divine 9 sex lubes with you to bed.  She’ll appreciate it and so will you

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